About Trismegistus

We Like To Get A Lot Done On a Limited Schedule!

Tris runs with a proven leadership squad, and while we do emphasize execution and expect all members to be on top of their game, we also emphasize mutual respect and camaraderie.

While progression and defeating heroic modes are important to us, we have decided to do so on a "relaxed'' two-night/week schedule ( Wednesday & Thursday), running from 7:00 CST to 9:30 CST(raids start forming before 6:30pm so that we are ready to start pulling at 7:00).

While remaining a progression-centric guild fully capable of achieving our goals, we emphasize quality raiding over quantity. This is your chance to be a part of a great group of individuals who have grown together excelling at playing their class.

Qualities Desired:
We are primarily interested in exceptional players who can play their class to the fullest of its ability. Successful applicants will rarely miss raids as we maintain a small roster, take constructive criticism well and be capable of playing multiple talent specializations at optimal performance. Applicants are expected to have a reasonable start on gear, and ideally raid experience.

At this late stage of the expansion, we prefer potential raiders to be at least ilvl 715 with AotC. Ring a bonus! ( Considering many are gearing alts now)

Class Needs:
Currently looking to round out our roster by a small number (3-6) total players to keep us at our optimal size of 17-22 members, with potential openings for any gifted players regardless of class.

Contact Cinque#1659 for further details and interview
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em